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My current focus is Deep Computing/High Performance Computing which is part of  IBM's Systems and Technology Group.  My job was featured in Dr. Dobb’s  magazine in a section entitled  Developer Diaries.

I assumed this position after spending a 9+ yr stint at IBM's Tivoli Division. This is part of the IBM Software Group. Tivoli started as an independent company, headquartered in Austin, TX.

In September of 1998, I relocated to the Research Triangle Park (RTP, NC) area to work on porting the Tivoli Management Framework to more exotic Unix implementations (DEC Unix, SCO Unixware, SCO OpenServer, SGI Irix, etc). Today, I work for the Deep Computing area from RTP.

While at Tivoli, I was involved in porting to new Y2K compliant platforms, Linux (Intel, s/390, and PowerPC) and GNU tools that Tivoli uses to create its products on the above listed platforms.

Prior to that, I was a SysAdmin at Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas, which I joined in late February 1995. Before that I spent seven and a half years working for IBM doing AIX development for both the RT and the RS/6000 lines of computers

Educationally, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Kennedy-Western University, a Master of Computer Science from Texas A&M University, and a Bachelor's of Science from the University of South Carolina.

I was an Adjunct Lecturer in the Dept of Computer Science at St. Edward's University (located in Austin, TX) from the Spring 1989 semester thru Spring 1997, and taught a gamut of courses - mostly those offered once a week, at three hours a meeting. 

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