Liz's Stuff

I'm from the Great State of Texas, Austin, to be exact, though I'm not living there currently.  Austin was an incredible place to grow up and I'm very lucky to have done so.

Now, I'm a homeschool mom.  I'm also an "archery mom" and volunteer.  I occasionally put together small websites such as Hobbes Hollow from time to time.

Elizabeth’s Elders is a website that I’ve been slooooowly putting together.  Most of my family lines have been in the US since before the Revolutionary War.  My site is focused primarily on my McClarney, Standifer, Rochelle, Hargrove/Hargrave, Canup, and Wales lines.  These Irish, English, Cherokee, French, German, etc. families were based mostly in VA and NC initially, moving west to TN, AL and beyond later on. 

The family lines I'm currently researching are those of the Cherokee women who married into my Canup line.  My goal in finding out more about my Cherokee ancestors is not to claim tribal membership; I simply want to know more about them and how they lived.  My Cherokee ancestors were fortunate to escape being forcibly relocated via the Trail of Tears.  I'd very much like to know more of their story.

Lifetime Archery is a website I developed under the direction of John Kristoff, site owner.  I'd like to re-do this site now; it's from several years ago when I first started working on websites.

NC Hunter Supply is a brand new store and I've just begun working on their website.      

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